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Over the past ten years, the South River's summer underwater grass beds have come and gone like that college friend who breezes through town once every few years and then you don't hear from again until it suits their undisclosed schedule. When they're around, things are great, and it feels like old times again. When they don't come around, we feel like a little piece of the picture is missing.

In 2017, our summer beds of widgeon grass vanished. Just like they did in 2013, 2011, 2010, and several other years in the past. After seeing better, longer visits from 2014-2016, we at the Federation started feeling like these transient beds of underwater grass could be depended on to show up every year, same time, same place, but with an increasingly large footprint. Alas, mother nature works in mysterious ways.

Is the diminishing water clarity in those areas the cause, or the effect of this disappearance? We've seen rising chlorophyll levels in those areas for three years in a row as well. Perhaps algae is the culprit? We may never know exactly why our underwater friends come and go, but we will continue administering the finest non-profit monitoring program in the State to search for answers, and also to search for our summer beds of widgeon grass.


2017 South River Report Card

This year, the report card included a fold out map with the creek grades on one side and a "Best & Worst" of the River on the other.                                                                                           

2017 Report Card and Fold Out Map plus Best & Worst

This year, the Federation rolled out an interactive data map. It takes a look at whether the river is fishable and swimmable and includes historical data. The data map also provides photos and information about where our restoration projects are located. View the data map at www.southriverdata.net 

Below is a copy of the presentation given by South Riverkeeper, Jesse Iliff and environmental scientist, Sarah Giordano                                                                                                        

Report Card Slide Presentation about 2017 Water Quality Monitoring

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