about south river federation
Thank you Brianna Cairco for your work at the Federation, not only as a summer intern, but also helping us do a deep dive into the data for the annual South River report card. She produced dozens and dozens of graphs for us in response to our many questions on why a particular set of data seemed too high or too low. Thanks to her persistance on figuring out "why", we were prepared to answer all our followers questions at the State of the South River presentation! Below is a brief description of her work with the Federation in her own words:
My name is Briana Cairco, I started volunteering at South River Federation in summer 2017, I helped collect water quality data, sample fish, and enter monitoring data into our database. In January I was hired as a database manager to help organize and analyze data to help us better understand changes and trends in the water quality data we have been collecting over the past 7 years. If you can name it, I’ve probably graphed it! I also worked with Jesse, Sarah, and Nancy to produce the lovely 2017 South River and sub-watershed report cards that were recently unveiled. All the hard work and hours crunching data on the computer paid off! Though my position was temporary, I really valued being part of the family and look forward to watching Federation grow, and as time goes on hopefully the water quality in the South River will reflect the hard work and care we pour in to make this watershed a healthier environment.