about south river federation

2017-18* Marylanders Grows Oyster Participants for the South River


Betty and Marty Adkins
Patty Arnn
Adam and Lara Aulestia
Betty Barker and Gerald Donahoe
Mark Baumel
Margie Berger
Heather and Todd Bickling
Janice Bird and Scott Eden
Jim and Debra Bird
Rebecca Bitzer
Anja and Anthony Bonacci
Brenda Boultwood
Mary Lou and Beau Bourne
Ryan Bradley
Larry and Linda Brannon
Bob and Donna Brennan
Amy and Kevin Burgess
Guy Campion
Lee Ann and Charlie Candon
Sherry Cox Chism
Kenneth Comba
Paulette McCubbin and Pete Conte
Kimberly and Jeffrey Cover
Helen and Jay Creech
Susan Cummings and Kris Jenner
Carlyle Smith and Melissa Dantoni
Melanie Hartwig and Lance Davis
Margaret and Andrew (Drew) Davis
Justin Disborough
Debbie Dorsey
Tonia and Mike Falkowski
Peggy and Robert Finnin
Sven Finnis
Linda and Mike Geers
Matt Gervase
Paul Gessner
Toni and Marvin Gibbons
Ron Schouten and Kim Glasgow
Amy and Jonathon Gleklen
Jonathan Goldsmith
Chris Graae and Mary Kfoury
Kevin and Stacey Green
Steve Horvath and Teena Grodner
Bruce Hechler
Jeff Holland
Kirk Holub
Lynne and Jerry Hoot
Casey and Fred Hunt
Randy Johnson
Maybelle and Peter Kou
Kamarin Kraft
Karen Kreamer
Carlos Larraz
Joseph and Mary Lawrence
Jean Legal
Bette Jane (BJ) and Bobby Lewis
Craig and Colleen Ligibel
Marta Lively
Kathleen and Urs Lottenbach
Michael Lovelace
Diane and Rob Mairs
Bev and Steve Marcus
Mayo Elementary
Michael McGuire
Tamra Miller
Chris Wien and Jean Mitchell
Dan and Patsy Mote
Kathy O'Brien
Bob O'Dell
Liam O'Meara
John and Patricia Paris
Greg Pitser and Sarah Trees
Judy and David Plott
Maureen Porto
Kelly and Ted Purnell
Charlotte Simmons and Peter Pushkas
Quiet Waters Park Oyster Growing
Brian Ragan
Elizabeth Ramirez 
Rich Reilly
Chris and Tom Reinert
Kathy and Bill Rhodes
Robert Riera
Kelly and Chris Rosenthal
Don and Karen Santa
Matt Schmit
Lee Schmoll
Glenn Schneider
Marty Schoenbauer
Martha and John Schwieters
Irwin Silber
Rosemary Smith
Art and Patty Somers
Molly Stone
Mark Streger
Nancy Sullivan
Daphne and Peter Summers
Pattie Suraci Steve Von Briesen
Darlene and Ron Tate
Matthew and Candice Taylor
Sarah Taylor
Mark Tigert
Brian A. Tollefson
Michelle Torrey
Michael Wagener
Vicki and Mike Wallace
Rick Weaver
Sue Weber
Robert Widman, Jr.
Kim and Mark Wiggins
Janine Wilkin

  *If you are a MGO participant and are not on the list, or are on this list and are no longer participating please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know!