about south river federation

As part of Box of Rain’s campaign to give back to the Bay, twenty of their campers joined the Federation to help manage stormwater runoff on June 30th! Box of Rain is a nonprofit based in Annapolis that provides educational and recreational opportunities for underserved youth. Together, we built a water retention area at Camp Woodland’s Girl Scout Camp. The design involved removing some of the soil in the immediate area to create a shallow bowl-shaped divot near an entrance road that often floods in storms. We used extra soil to create a berm, or short wall which serves to pool rain water. This slows stormwater, preventing it from rushing into streams and eroding sediment from stream banks.  We were even able to decorate the area with some native plants. All of the campers did a fantastic job and we, at the South River Federation, are thrilled that they decided to give back in a way that can help reduce sediment pollution in our South River. Thank you, Box of Rain, for all your help!

To learn more about the Box of Rain visit http://www.boxofrainannapolis.org/